On Wednesday, November 29, was held a webinar called Venture capital and university start-ups focused on effective investment and capital instruments to support the creation of start-ups in a university environment. The speakers of the event were Krzysztof Gulda, member of the board, UWRC Ltd. – Warsaw University SPV (PL) and Imre Hild, CEO, Obuda University Venture Fund (HU). The moderator of the discussion was Katarína Paštrnák, head of the investment platform G-Force (SVK).

The recording of the webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFc8Y6XrVxo 


On Thursday, September 7, a discussion was held on the topic: How do universities develop the entrepreneurial mindset of students and researchers? Globally, a growing number of universities are providing entrepreneurship support to their students and researchers. The goal of this initiative is to develop entrepreneurial mindsets that emphasize traits such as self-efficacy, creativity, and riskawareness. This strategy also cultivates essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes that can help transform ideas into actions, launch and grow new businesses, and stimulate self-employment. How do universities in Central Europe perform in the field of entrepreneurship education? The discussion also focused on universities in Central Europe and their initiatives in the field of entrepreneurship education, their success stories and challenges.

The speakers of the discussion:

- Veronika Haissingerová, Project Manager, Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer, Charles University (CZ)
- Imre Hild, CEO, Obuda University Venture Capital Fund (HU)
- Eva Simeková, Associate Partner, CIVITTA Slovakia (SVK)
- Irina Tsagareishvili, Managing Director, Axel – Georgian Business Angel Network (GE)

The Moderator: Michal Andera, Department of Entrepreneurship, Prague University of Economics and Business Recording of the debate:


European Researchers' Night

The festival of science - European Researchers' Night is an annually organized event throughout Europe. The ERN is the largest of its kind in Slovakia and Europe, bringing together people and researchers in 300 cities in about 25 countries on the last Friday of September. This year´s edition will take place on 29 September 2023 and you can look forward to the 17th anniversary of the science festival in Slovakia.



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