Science popularization

Enhancing of scientists and researchers career visibility. Attracting career choices in science for the young generation. Popularization of science in society through organization of a pan-European festival of science - Researchers' Night, which organizes SOVVA with partners since 2007. Currently, in 2017, takes place already the 11th edition of the festival, traditionally on 29th September, 2017 last friday of September. The festival takes place every year in six Slovak cities (Bratislava, Žilina, Košice, Banská Bystrica, Poprad and Tatranská Lomnica) and over the years has gained the attention of a wide audience. In 2016, the festival of science involved more than 1,320 scientists and researchers, almost 55,000 pupils and students and all events was attended by more than 180,000 visitors.

References for our activities can be found here

Researchers' Night 2013

27. 9. 2013 177 000 visitors 1 000 scientists and researchers 22 000 pupils and students 2 145 000 people add...

Researchers' Night 2011

23.september 2011 Main event: Bratislava – Avion Shopping Park 90 scientific stands, popular lectures 3 sc...

Researchers' Night 2010

24. september 2010 Main event  Avion Shopping Park, Bratislava 95 scientific stands Accompanying...

Researchers’ Night 2009

25. september 2009 Main event  Avion Shopping Park, Bratislava  47 scientific stands Accomp...

Researchers´ Night 2008

26. – 27. september 2008 Main event Bratislava, Aupark Shopping Park 36 scientific stands Accompanyin...


SOVVA is a non-governmental organization of nationwide competence established to promote R&D development in Slovakia by means of improving R&D capacities, bridging the academic and commercial areas while utilizing international experience and contacts



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