24. september 2010

  • Main event 
    • Avion Shopping Park, Bratislava
    • 95 scientific stands
  • Accompanying events:
    • Bratislava – Natural History Museum of the Slovak National Museum, Children‘sMuseum and Botanical Garden
    • Košice - The leisure centre DOMINO
    • Tatranská Lomnica - Astronomical Institute SAS

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All events organized during the Researchers’ Night in Slovakia 2010 were aimed at reaching and outdoing the success of last year’s Researchers’ Night and in increasing the recognition of researchers in society. The events were full of fun and discoveries. All the locations were full of enthusiastic people – scientists ans visitors. There were a lot of children, pupils and students, parents with kids and also press and political representatives (we had there Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, sevetal MPs and head of regional government of Bratislava self-governong region).

  • Science show in Bratislava
    First of the main event of the Researchers´ Night in Slovakia 2010 was organized in the largest shopping and leisure centre in Bratislava, Avion Shopping Park. The event started at 10am with the first visitors and school classes arriving to watch and take part in the interactive scientific presentations and continued until 12pm when the science show on the main stage came to an end.
    The main part of the event – science show on the main stage from 6pm till 12 pm – was focused on researchers and the presentation of their life and work. They sang, played jazz and rock music and answered many curious questions about their work and hobbies. Other parts of the programme included interviews with important figures of Slovak scientific life, for example Viera Rosová, the Vice-president of SAS who talked about her work which she loves but she was also asked about her family and private life, e.g. her hobbies and passions. Researchers - musicians from the “Naive Jazz” band were asked how come great researchers have hobbies such as music. The interviews were conducted by a presenter; however, they were strongly encouraged from the audience which also thoroughly enjoyed listening to the researchers stories.
    The program in all stands was also presented by researchers who are working in the respective fields. The researchers presented their work as well as themselves. During the explanations about the stands they also had to answer questions about themselves, their work, hobbies, lives and families. During this event visitors could see experiments capturing the science of everyday life, e.g human robots, geothermal energy, their own DNA, chemical experiments for children and much more.The visitors could see also laser show on the ice pool in the shopping centre which played every hour from 5pm till 12pm. 

  • Science Show in Košice
    Optima Shopping Centre with the 50 thousand m2 shopping area is largest Shopping Centre in Slovakia outside the Slovak capital. The concentration of stands and exhibitions took place in the corridor, event stage in the mezzanine, science cafe on the gallery and in the cinema, all in the perimeter of 50 m, allows visitors to keep track of all activities.
    The research results and methods of the institutes of SAS from Košice was presented on the 20 stands and desks by scientists using a popular form of interactive demonstrations, experiments and personal discussion. The national centers of excellence and scientific projects supported by European Union funds was presented too. 
    1. Discover your particle with the accelerator LHC at CERN and learn how to find quarks yourself.
    2. Look on the coldest place in Košice, where the substances gain unusual properties.
    3. Demonstrations of the levitation train and superconductivity.
    4. Learn about space weather and investigation of space by satellites.
    5. Discover how are thinking people and animals, examine the brain investigation.
    6. Discover the mysterious world of radiation, why the colors are colours and light is white.
    7. What are nanofluids, where they are used, their remarkable properties.
    8. GRID – All globe in one computer.

  • Slovak national museum in Bratislava
    In the Slovak national museum the researchers prepared for visitors these activities:
    • Biodiversity Exhibition: Exhibition introduces to its visitors both with living and non-living components of various Earth environments – polar glaciers, tundra, tropic forests, grasslands, deserts, coral reefs, sea coastlines and other. Exhibition aims to present the diversity and variety of living organisms – millions of plant and animal species, microorganisms and complex ecosystems, that gained to their contemporary form by long-lasting evolution
    • Mathematics for fun’ exhibition (vernissage accompanied with a lecture) Exhibition aims to present the field of mathematics –  a feared school class. Its goal is to introduce math to the general public unconventionally by using bare hands as an exploration tool and help to increase understanding of role and usefulness of mathematics  
    • Day-long event in Museum of natural history and SNM:
      Science lectures, games, quizzes, science presentations and debates.
      Projection of the Night Sky in the cupola in Winter garden of the Museum of natural history.

  • Children’s museum In Bratislava
    The reserchers presented science presentations understandable for children there. There was also constatd hands-on science expozition for children. It also offers an opportunity to become a part of the word of science for few moments.


  • Botanical Garden by Night
    The Botanical Garden opened its gates for visitors at 6pm till 12pm. Inside people could walk through the greenhouses and admire beautiful exotic flowers until midnight. The researchers present in the Botanical Garden were ready to serve as guides and answer all questions about the life of plants during the day and at night, as well as about the possibilities of keeping plants and the necessary care.


  • Night Sky Observation
    On September 24th, Researchers’ Night events in Bratislava and Košice were also accompanied by observing the night sky in the observatory of the Institute of Astronomy, SAS in Tatranská Lomnica. The researchers and astronomic professionals present in the observatory, which was open from 7pm to midnight, were joined by 70 enthusiasts for observation and discussions.

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European Researchers' Night

The festival of science - European Researchers' Night is an annually organized event throughout Europe. The ERN is the largest of its kind in Slovakia and Europe, bringing together people and researchers in 300 cities in about 25 countries on the last Friday of September. This year´s edition will take place on 29 September 2023 and you can look forward to the 17th anniversary of the science festival in Slovakia.



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