For the thirteenth time, the European Researchers' Night will offer a glimpse into the world of science and innovation. This year's program will include interactive lectures and scientific stands full of experiments and demonstrations for pupils, students and the general public. The Science Festival is the largest event aimed at popularizing science and innovation. Last year, more than 150,000 visitors attended the festival during which 1,638 researchers presented results of their work. This year, we are organizing the 13th edition of this pan-European event, which takes place in more than 340 cities and 30 countries, on the 27th of September 2019.

Motto of this year's edition is Life as we (do not) know it. Science has become an essential part of life in the 21st century. However, despite numerous scientific discoveries, the world still offers innumerable questions to which we do not know the answers. Yet. During the festival we will explore and perform experiments, but we will also think about what is still waiting to be discovered.

In Bratislava, the main program will again take place in Stará tržnica and surrounding areas. You can look forward to an all-day program on stage, presentations in scientific stands, demonstrations, experiments and competitions. In the evening, Professor Pavel Alexy will give a presentation named “Ecology and Plastics Around Us” and an American astronaut Mary Weber will later talk about her experience from the Discovery and Atlantis missions. Presentations and discussions will be held also at the V-klub and in where young scientists will again present their research work in the format of Science Espresso.

The Košice Science Festival will offer a wide range of scientific presentations from all areas of science, research and innovation. Local universities will present their activities and interactive demonstrations that will appeal to all science enthusiasts. For example, you can look forward to 3D printing and modeling, the ECO Marathon vehicle, or interesting facts from the world of biology, chemistry and other scientific disciplines. Košice (Shopping Center Atrium Optima, 9.00-21.00).

The diverse program in Banská Bystrica will offer visitors a preview of the work of geographers, natural scientists, historians and other scientists from local universities and institutions. Among other themes, the scientific stands will focus on natural wealth of Slovakia and the protection of nature and landscape. Banská Bystrica (Europa Shopping Center, 9.00-21.00).

Visitors in Žilina can look forward to the presentation of unmanned aerial vehicles and other modes of transport. They will also get acquainted with the technologies and procedures used in transport. Moreover, presenters prepared demonstrations of virtual reality, which is increasingly used in all areas of research and industry. Žilina (OC Mirage, 9.00-21.00) 

Visitors of The Science Festival in Poprad will find out more about how robots work and they will get a chance to program them. In addition, visitors will get acquainted with the work of forensic chemists and astronomers. Poprad (OC MAX, 9.30 - 20.00).

European Researchers' Night

The festival of science - European Researchers' Night is an annually organized event throughout Europe. The ERN is the largest of its kind in Slovakia and Europe, bringing together people and researchers in 300 cities in about 25 countries on the last Friday of September. This year´s edition will take place on 29 September 2023 and you can look forward to the 17th anniversary of the science festival in Slovakia.



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